Introducing the Association

On 12.01.2009, the Gúth-Keled Tourism and Conservation Public Benefit Association (previously known as the Széchenyi Zsigmond Hunting Association) submitted an application for grants to the Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau – pursuant to FVM Decree no. 137/2008.(X.18) for funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development under the title of grants for stimulating tourism activities for the “Conversion of rural manor to private accommodations” and concurrently for the conservation of the locally protected building.
After implementing the project, the Association continues to play an active role in the development of Nyíradony and its vicinity and as part of this activity, its primary goal is the development of tourism and active recreation, including establishing the conditions for hunting, fishing, horseback riding, sports and amusement tourism, as well as harmonizing wildlife and forest management, social and leisure activities. The development of tourism services and accommodations, hotel services, catering, heritage conservation and the discovery and presentation of Hungarian cultural assets, initiating and realizing social investments. Organizing and hosting educational and training sessions for the sake of environmentally-conscious lifestyles and health preservation purposes. Cooperating with other organizations and local governments with similar goals, both within and outside the borders of the country.